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LED Display for Hall Room, Auditorium, Billboard (01785-777722)

LED Display Bangladesh (01785-777722)

1, The same cabinet can be compatible with different pitches:P4.8/P3.91/P6.25Some pictures showing as belo for your reference:Some pictures showing below for your reference;
2, The shapes can be outer curved ,inner curved ,flat and waved by using our specially designed angle regulator;
3, Magnets module design, 5s front/rear easy maintainence;
4, Same cabinets can be reused for different pixel pitch products with same module size,it is convenient to change your screen and save much cost for cabinets,only need to change modules if you want to get a new screen;
5, Best quality LED chip tube
the GREE, SILAN, OPTO, EPISTAR assuring high brightness and long lifespan;
6, Average power consumption: 300W;
7, Robust compact resistance;

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LED Display bangladesh


Pixel pitch 3.91mm 3.91mm 4.81mm 4.81mm 5.95mm 6.25mm 6.25mm
LED Type SMD2121 Black SMD1921 SMD2121 Black SMD2727 SMD3528 White SMD3528 White SMD3535 White
Scan Styple 1/16 1/16 1/13 1/13 1/11 1/10 1/10
Pixel Density 65,536 65,536 43,264 43,264 28,224 25,600 25,600
Module size(mm) 250W * 250H
Cabinet Size(mm) 500 W*500 H 500 W*500 H 500 W*500 H 500 W*500 H 500 W*500 H 500 W*500 H 500 W*500 H
Pixels/Cabinet 128×128 128×128 104×104 104×104 84×84 80×80 80×80
Refresh rate ≥1920Hz ≥1920Hz ≥1920Hz ≥1920Hz ≥1920Hz ≥1920Hz ≥1920Hz
Brightness >1300Nits 5000Nits >1300Nits >4100Nits >2000Nits >1600Nits >4100Nits
Max Power/ panel 360W 300W 360W 360W 360W 360W 360W
Weight per cabinet about 7Kg about 13Kg about 7Kg about 8Kg about 7Kg about 7Kg about 8Kg
Best viewing distance ≥4m ≥4m ≥4.8m ≥4.8m ≥5.9m ≥6.2m ≥6.2m
Cabinet material Die-casting aluminum
Operating temperature -30ºC—-+60ºC
Operating humidity 10%—%95RH

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