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Avtech NVR

The Avtech NVR is a network video recorder. It can receive and record video and audio from up to 64 channels. It can support up to 4K resolution. The Avtech NVR is made with a powerful H.265 compression technology that allows it to record up to 16 channels at once. The Avtech NVR also has an IVS (Intelligent Video System) that you can use to create a virtual detection line, virtual fence, or one-way pass. The IVS (Intelligent Video System) could be used to create a virtual detection line, virtual fence, or one-way pass. This advanced motion detection technique records and summarizes the data to be used for analysis.

Advanced Video Compression H.265 &  4K2K Embedded Plug & Play NVR. Intelligent detection and advanced IoT platform. High-accuracy event notification.

For a more in-depth look at the different features included in our NVR (network video recorder), we will take a closer look at all the features and functions in our Avtech NVR review.

The Avtech NVR is easy to use and install. To install the NVR, connect the network cable from the router to the NVR. Then connect the NVR’s power adapter to the power outlet. We recommend that you place it in a location that has an Ethernet connection to your router. The Avtech NVR is Easy to Use.

The Avtech DVR & NVR offers ease of use with the help of an intuitive interface and graphical user interface (GUI). The GUI allows you to quickly navigate through the menus based on your preferences. The Avtech NVR can be used by a single user or a multi-user platform.

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H.265 Compression Technology

This compression technology allows for a much greater recording capacity and bandwidth savings, which makes it more efficient and performs better than other compression formats.

Customization of Alarm Scenario

The new “Scenario” feature allows you to create a set of actions that will run after an event occurs. You can choose from several scenarios to determine when and what to do following an event.

EagleEyes App – Push Video and Push Status – Active Event Notification

Push Video allows you to instantly notify of an alarm when an alarm device connected to your DVR is set up.

Push Status allows you to instantly notify system events such as HDD data deletion or video loss.

Storage capacity for 8 bays

This NVR can store up to 8 hard drives to meet the storage requirements of 4K2K recording. It also supports H.265 video data in high quality without overwriting it. To reduce power consumption, a power-saving mechanism has been also implemented.


The IVS (Intelligent Video System), could be used to create a virtual detection line, virtual fence, or one-way pass. This advanced motion detection technique records and summarizes the data to be used for analysis.

Event Pop-up/Preview

The right panel lists all events with the corresponding icons so you can quickly identify the type. The most recent one will be highlighted to grab your attention. You can preview footage by clicking on one event.

Spot Monitor

You can also assign a secondary display via VGA, HDMI-2 or composite outputs to display live view, call monitor, or event monitor.

Avtech History

AVTECH Founded in 1996, AVTECH is one of the most prominent CCTV manufacturers in the world. AVTECH is Taiwan’s largest publicly-listed company. This is due to its steady growth in revenue and pragmatic business management philosophy. AVTECH is committed to innovation in technology, product development and implementation. AVTECH is a leader in mobile platform support and offers a wide range of surveillance products. This is based on years of industry experience and research.

EagleEyes is AVTECH’s mobile application software that was developed by them. It is the most downloaded surveillance software in the world. It allows for full-function remote control and meets the growing market demand for tablets and smart phones. Push Video, a new active notification system that was developed by AVTECH, was first introduced on EagleEyes in 2010. It has since been used to all AVTECH products. A video clip with 5 sec. will be sent to the mobile devices after the alarm has been triggered. The mobile devices will receive a pre-event recording. This technology is a major change in the industry. This technology makes surveillance an active provider of evidence, rather than a passive protector.

AVTECH is a market leader in analog solutions and has made a significant breakthrough in IP surveillance. The new standalone NVR, the most simple solution, integrates video surveillance and remote control. All IP configurations can now be done automatically thanks to the plug-and-play technology. The NVR solution allows users to easily record and playback video over intranet. It can also be used as a NAS to provide remote offsite backup via the Internet, making copies of important images. Full HD 1080P display is supported, giving you the best image quality for LCD and LED monitors. It can also be used as a data source for the CMS (Central Management System), which maximizes the efficiency of IP-based surveillance.

AVTECH is a company willing to take on challenges, use new technology and bring new insight into the industry. We have made many changes and will continue to make them.

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This NVR can be used to introduce high-definition IP surveillance solutions and upgrade your CCTV system to an IP system without the need for re-cabling. This NVR can be used to monitor and control up to 16 network cameras (ONVIF-supported) that are connected to it locally or remotely. It also supports image storage to store evidence and data backups up to 3HDD. eSATA integrated to connect disk array allows you to store more video than ever before. This NVR supports HD image display and real time recording to ensure the best possible monitoring and recording. This NVR is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and Internet Explorer on Windows operating systems for multi-platform remote access. Avtech is the Leader in Push Video with IP Camera and HD CCTV cameras, DVRs IVS Network camera, EagleEyes mobile surveillance, NVRs, and CMS Total solutions.

Support for AVTECH Software: Monitor real-time temperature and humidity, flood, power and other important information with instant alerting or historical reporting. AVTECH has been protecting critical facilities, assets in over 180 countries for more than 30 years.

AVTECH NVR Bangladesh

AVTECH is a leader in Push Video HDCCTV, IP Cameras, CCTV cameras, DVRs, and IVS Network cameras. EagleEyes mobile surveillance, NVRs, and CMS complete solutions are all offered by AVTECH.

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Intelligent detection and advanced IoT platform

To provide simple big data, the IVS function has been integrated (People counting, Virtual fence, and one-way Pass).

The built-in “IOT Scenario” platform allows for the customization of a sequence of actions that are executed in a specific order when an event is being triggered.

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