AHD001 AM & RF Handheld Detector

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AM & RF Handheld Detector for Hard tags and Soft Labels

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AM & RF Handheld Detector for Hard tags and Labels

Detection height: 10 – 15cm
Dimension WxLxH: 80 x 370 x 30mm


  • Portable AM Handheld Detector, incl. Battery
  • AM (58 kHz)


  • Portable RF Handheld Detector, incl. Battery
  • RF (8.2 MHz)
AHD001 - EAS Handheld Detector Price in Bangladesh

AM & RF Handheld Detector For Hard Tags and Soft Labels

An AM & RF handheld detector is a useful tool for finding RFID tags on merchandise. Unlike traditional magnetic tags, which require a magnetic field to read, these tags do not emit any magnetic energy. They are made from amorphous plastic that has a relatively low magnetic saturation value. On the other hand, RF tags contain a ferromagnetic liner that provides a moderate coercive field. The resulting signal can be detected by using a detector that detects both sum and difference signals. This tool is designed to work with both amorphous and ferritic materials.

Among the available types of handheld detectors for hard and soft labels, RF is the most popular. The read distance is only a few feet, so it is the ideal choice for small stores. The AM & RF Handheld Detection is a powerful and portable tool that works with a wide range of RF EAS labels. The AM & IR Handheld Discrete Awning is a versatile tool that can be used in a variety of settings.

Another type of handheld RF & AM Detector for Hard tags and Soft labels is a Magnetic Detacher. The magnetic meter is a portable device that can be placed anywhere on the surface of goods and automatically determine if they are RFID-tagged. It is inexpensive and easy to operate, and can detect hard and soft labels. Neither of these detectors is perfect for every location, but they are a convenient solution for many businesses.

AM Detectors for Hard Tags and Soft Labels can be used to determine the presence of RFID-tagged products. The RF handheld detectors use pulses to energise tags within a pedestal zone. The receiver then receives the signals and triggers an alarm. This method is also highly effective for identifying active tags in shops and storerooms, where the tools can be used as evidence against perpetrators.

AM & RF Handheld Detectories are a great way to ensure a secure environment. The RF scanners detect tags that are not magnetic and they can easily locate hard-tags and other electronic devices that emit a magnetic field. The EM and RF scanners are highly sensitive and can be used in a wide variety of situations. They work best when used in public areas, in places where they may be stolen, or inside the workplace.

The AM & RF Handheld Detectories are the most popular devices for electronic article surveillance. They work with a variety of RF antennas and can be positioned in store entrances. Unlike the acousto-magnetic scanners, these devices do not transmit an electromagnetic field, but use radio frequency frequencies to detect items. The RF detectors, on the other hand, can detect hard tags and soft labels.

The RF and AM Handheld Detectors detect both types of labels. Unlike the acoustic detector, the acoustic and magnetic sensors are capable of detecting both soft and hard-tag security. The RF handheld reader is an excellent choice for retail or grocery stores to prevent theft. It is easy to use, and provides fast results.

The RF and AM Handheld Detectors are the best choice for retail and industrial applications. They are both reliable, effective and affordable for a small office or home. These devices are especially useful for anti-shoplifting and electronic article surveillance. They can also be used to identify counterfeit goods and other illegal activity. Besides detecting RF and RFID tags, the RS handheld Detectors can detect both EM and AF hard-tag materials.

The RF & AM Handheld Detectors are useful for detecting RFID tags on both hard and soft tags. These sensors are particularly useful for businesses where a single tagged item might be dangerous. They are useful for preventing fraudulent activity in retail. While the EM & RF Detectors are more expensive, they are still more reliable.

EAS Handheld Detector Price in Bangladesh

EAS RF Handheld Detector9,500
EAS AM Handheld Detector9,500