Ahuja High Wattage PA Power Amplifier

  • Super high power single channel PA booster amplifier, specially designed fro big installations where large number of speakers are required.
  • Line Input 200mV/1V switchable for connecting a mixer or another amplifier.
  • 100V input for connecting another amplifier output.
  • Resettable circuit breaker for protection against overload and short circuit.
  • Box Speaker/Driver Unit selector switch. Bass boost defeated at Driver Unit position for safer operation of driver units.
  • 100V/70V, 4Ω and 2Ω power outputs
  • Ideal for large installations where very high power output is required.
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Ahuja PA Power Amplifier

The Ahuja SPA-15000 is a 1500 watt PA Power Amplifier. It is designed for high-power, clean sound and trouble-free operation under extreme climatic conditions. The SSA-10000 has an RCA input for connecting a CD/DVD player or recording programme. It is also equipped with a MCB and resettable circuit breaker at the back for protection against overheating and overload.

The SSA-10000 is an excellent choice for large installations requiring high power output. It is an ideal choice for professional sound reinforcement systems. The SSA-10000 can be used alone or in conjunction with an SPA-25000 to deliver 2500W of power. It is available in a 20-watt version and a 240-watt version. This model has a range of output power from 0 to 20 volts.

Unlike other PA power amplifiers, the Ahuja SSA-10000 has a switchable 200mV/1V input that can be used for another amplifier. It has built-in circuits to protect against short-circuiting, overheating and temperature. It also has a box speaker/driver unit selector switch that defeats the bass boost at the Driver Unit position.

The SSA-10000 is suitable for large installations requiring high power output. The SPA-10000 can be used in combination with the SSA-10000 to achieve a 2000W power output. The SSA-10000 is available with two or four drivers. The SPA-10000 features a switchable 200mV/1V input for connecting an amplifier. With its high power output, the SPA-10000 is one of the best choices for live performance applications.

The SPA-10000 is a versatile power amplifier that is ideal for large installations that require high power output. It can be used with the SPA-10000 to achieve a 2000W power output. The SSA-10000 also offers a 200mV/1V switchable input. The SPA-10000 is capable of handling multiple channels at the same time. These are important features for a PA and should be carefully considered when choosing a PA for your event.

The SSA-10000 features a switchable 200mV/1V input and a 100V line input. It also features a line selector switch and can be connected to another amplifier. The SPA-10000 has high power output and is suitable for use in large installations. It is recommended for use with a separate amplifier. Its SSA-10000 has a 2000W output.

The SPA-15000 is a high-wattage PA power amplifier. Its low-impedance design allows it to work in high-impedance environments. Its high-wattage output allows it to be paired with the SPA-15000 for even greater power. If you are looking for a high-wattage PA, it is a good choice for your next event.

The SSA-10000 has a 200mV/1V switchable input for other devices. The SSA-10000 has an AC mains input and can be connected to another amplifier if needed. Its 100V input can be connected to a line power amplifier, but is not recommended for use with a power amplifier. Its high power output and a wide variety of configuration options make it a versatile and powerful PA.

The SSA-10000 has a 200mV/1V switchable input and a 100V line output. The SSA-10000 is ideal for large-scale installations with high-power needs. The SSA-10000 can also be combined with the SPA-10000 for a combined 2000W output. The SPA-10000 is ideal for large-scale PA applications. Its SPA-10000 complements the SSA-10000 and is compatible with other amplifiers.

Ahuja High Wattage PA Power Amplifier in Bangladesh

Power Output2000W Max., 1500W RMS at 10% THD, 1400W RMS at 5% THD, 1250W RMS at 2% THD
Output Regulation≤ 2 dB, no load to full load at 1kHz
Input Channels1 × Line 200mV/100kΩ, 1 × Line 1V/50kΩ, 1 × 100V Input
Frequency Response50-15,000Hz ±3dB
Signal to Noise Ratio60dB
Tone ControlsBass: ±8dB at 100Hz, Treble: ±8dB at 10kHz
Speaker Outputs2Ω, 4Ω, 70V & 100V
Power SupplyAC: 220-240V 50/60Hz
Power ConsumptionAC: 2400VA
DimensionsW485 × H170 × D580 mm
Ahuja High Wattage PA Power Amplifier in Bangladesh (BD)
Ahuja High Wattage PA Power Amplifier in Bangladesh (BD)


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