Ahuja WSL-2500R 40-WATTS Podium PA Lectern System

৳ 120,000.00

  • Compact, versatile and easy-to-assemble wireless Lectern Amplifier with built in 40W amplifier.
  • Contains a built-in speaker system consisting of 3nos. 6.5” (165mm) coated dual cone speakers. Provision given for connecting external speaker, if required.
  • Supplied with a detachable gooseneck condenser microphone and a reading light for the podium top.
  • Contains a built-in VHF wireless diversity receiver. High quality VHF handheld wireless transmitter supplied. (Available in different frequencies).
  • Provision for connecting a wired microphone through a 6.3mm phone jack or a line source through an XLR connector.
  • Handheld wireless transmitter & gooseneck podium microphone have voice priority over all other inputs. This feature can be switched ON or OFF through a slide switch.
  • Built in digital recorder cum MP3 player, which can record on USB pen drives or SD cards.
  • Facility for connecting a stereo auxiliary source through L&R RCA plug. It accepts four different sensitivities of auxiliary signal which are selectable through a slide switch.
  • Seperate output connectors for LINE OUT & REC OUT through mini male XLR & 6.3mm phone socket respectively, allowing the lectern system to be connected to external amplifiers for further amplification, if required.
  • Tonal adjustment can be done through cut-boost type Bass & Treble controls.
  • Rugged & stable floor standing base. Can be fixed to the floor with brackets (provided), if required.
  • Operates on 240V 50Hz mains supply.
  • Some assembly by the customer required.

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Ahuja WSL-2500R 40-WATTS Podium PA Lectern System

Power Output40 Watts Max.
Speaker Impedance (External)4W
Input Channels SensitivityMic-1: 3.0mV, Mic-2: 1.8mV, Line: 100mV, Aux Position-1: 100mV, Aux Position-2: 180mV, Aux Position-3: 300mV, Aux Position-4: 700mV
Frequency Response100-16,000Hz
Tone ControlBass: ±6dB at 80Hz, Treble: ±6dB at 8kHz
REC. Output1V (nominal)
Power SupplyAC 220-240V, 50/60Hz
Power ConsumptionAC 100W
DimensionsW420 × H1135 × D580 mm
MicrophoneDynamic Unidirectional
Frequency Stability±0.005%
Spurious Emissions45dB (max.)
RF Output Power15mW (max.)
Frequency Response50 – 15,000Hz
Dynamic Range100dB
DimensionsØ55 × L244 mm
Weight200g (without battery)

Ahuja pa lectern system Price in Bangladesh

Power Output40 Watts Max.
Speaker Impedance (External)4W
Power SupplyAC 220-240V, 50/60Hz
StatusNeed Pre-Order
Hotline+88 01785-777722

Podium PA Lectern System Supplier in Bangladesh

Our team at TRIMATRIK MULTIMEDIA is proud to be the best podium and lectern system supplier in Bangladesh. We provide a wide range of products and services for our clients, and we utilize state-of-the-art technology and advanced manufacturing processes to ensure that we create the best product possible. We offer many models of podiums and lectern systems with different sizes, lengths, heights, colors, and gauges.

The PA Lectern System is a new, revolutionary idea in the educational field that can be utilized by professors and students to memorize key concepts and information. This system is an innovative way to provide a dynamic presentation of lectures that cannot be achieved with a traditional lecture format. Students are provided with a highly engaging learning experience that is not restricted by the confines of a standard classroom.

The Podium PA System is a podium microphone system that is designed to deliver crisp, clear speech. It comes with four built-in microphones that can be positioned on the lectern or other surfaces, and it has three input channels. The system also includes an onboard mixer for mixing sound sources together.

Podium PA Lectern System Supplier in Bangladesh, Best Supplier is TRIMATRIK MULTIMEDIA.

A lectern is a platform, stand, or cabinet on which a speaker stands with their prepared notes. Some are stationary with the speaker remaining at the same place behind the lectern throughout the presentation. This article will explore how PA Lectern Systems can provide a more dynamic experience for speakers.

Ahuja WSL-2500R Price in Bangladesh

Price:৳ 1,20,000
Item:Podium / Lectern System
Contact No:0185-3330344


What is Podium PA System?

A podium PA system is a sound amplification system that is mounted on a podium. It can be used to amplify the voice of the speaker and make it easier for people in the back of the room to hear.

How does a Podium PA System work?

A podium PA system works by using a microphone to capture sound from the person speaking and then amplifying that sound through speakers. The speakers are often placed on either side of the speaker, or on top of the podium.

What is the difference between Podium and a PA System?

A podium is a raised platform, typically used for public speaking. A PA system is a sound reinforcement system that includes microphones, amplifiers, speakers and related equipment.

How much does a podium PA system cost?

Podium PA systems are a great way to amplify the voice of a speaker at an event. They cost anywhere from 1,20,000 to 2,50,000 Taka