Convex 24″ Indoor and Outdoor Security Mirror

Convex Safety mirror on entry and exit.
PC Wide angle, Road
Security convex mirror, 130 Degree
viewing angle. PMMA convex mirror
with cap. Excellent visibility.

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Convex Mirror

  • The 24″ mirror reflects a clear, bright image, used to eliminate blind spots to prevent accidents, injuries and deter theft
  • Also be used to increase security around or in buildings
  • Mirror improves visibility and safety on existing garages and driveways
  • Made of durable, lightweight and shatterproof PC plastic; With pillar mounting bracket for easy installation, allowing to adjust directions
  • Suitable for street corner, intersections, narrow roads, supermarket, garage, parking lot, driveway, stores, etc

Convex 24″ Indoor and Outdoor Security Mirror

The Convex 24″ Indoor and Outdoor Security Mirror is practical for homes and businesses alike. This mirror has a wide viewing angle of up to 180 degrees, allowing it to be situated in almost any location. It also features a convex design that allows it to be mounted on the inside or outside of an area, which makes it perfect for public restrooms, gyms, or locker rooms.

Convex Mirror Bangladesh, Convex 24" Indoor and Outdoor Security Mirror
Convex Mirror Price Bangladesh

Convex 24″ Indoor and Outdoor Security Mirror is a patented new product that has some of the best features on the market. The mirror is made of semi-rigid polyurethane foam mounted with heavy duty steel, for strength and long life. It will not distort images like regular mirrors do, so it can be placed in any room or outside to use as an outdoor security mirror. Best of all, the mirror is only 11,000 Taka!