Guard Spirit XYT2101A2 Walk Through Metal Detector

  • 6 Detecting Zones
  • Sensitivity 0-255 Steps Adjustable
  • Sound Alarm & LED Visual Alarm
  • Automatically Counting
  • Anti-interference Function
  • Easy Assembly
  • Harmless To Human Body
  • Program Self-diagnose
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Guard Spirit XYT2101A2 Bangladesh

Sensitivity adjustable: Each zone has 300 degree sensitivity (Each zone sensitivity level from 0-99, whole sensitive level adjustment: low ,middle, high)

Six mutual over-lapping detecting zones; Simultaneous alarm from multi- zones;

LED light alarm on both door panels, ascertain the layout of metal articles accurately

Protection with password: only the authorized person can do operation.

Automatically count passengers and alarm times

Harmless to human body: is harmless with heart peacemaker, pregnant women, magnetic floppy, recording tapes, etc.


Technical parameter

Electric current: AC100V-240V/50HZ

Power: <30W

Net weight: 93KG

Workplace environment: -20°C~+45°C

Alarm: Sound alarm & LED light alarm

Alarm volume: high, middle, low

Standard: GB15210-2003, CE