HTDZ HT-350C Chairman Unit

  • Frequency: 40-16000Hz
  • Sensitivity: -42±2dB
  • Distance: 20-120cm


HTDZ HT-350C Bangladesh

  • Frequency Response: 40-16000Hz.
  • Sensitivity: -42±2dB.
  • Reference sound –receiving distance: 20-120cm.
  • Built-in monitor loudspeaker (1w) for volume regulating.
  • Chairman unit could control the whole process of the conference.
  • Red indicator light on the MIC.
  • Electric capacity type microphone, equipped with windshield cover, extension pipe optional.
  • The chairman unit in the systems is unrestricted, can join with any position in the circuit.
  • Origine- China
  • Warranty: One Year