HTDZ HT-350D Delegate Unit

  1. Sensitivity: -42dB±2dB
  2. Length of gooseneck: 390mm
  3. Support discuss and video
  4. Built-in inner speaker


HTDZ HT-350D Bangladesh

  • Frequency response: 40-16000Hz.
  • Sensitivity: -42±2dB.
  • Reference: sound –receiving distance: 20-120cm.
  • Built-in monitor loudspeaker (1w) for volume regulating.
  • Red indicator light on the MIC.
  • Electric capacity type microphone, equipped with windshield cover, extension pipe optional.
  • Origine- China
  • Warranty: One Year
HTDZ HT-350d Bangladesh
HTDZ HT-350d Bangladesh

Htdz HT-350d Built-In Monitor Loudspeaker Conference System

Built-in monitor loudspeaker, 40Hz-16000Hz frequency response, -42 ±2dB sensitivity, 20-120 cm sound receiving distance,1W volume regulating, red indicator light, electric capacity type microphone, equipped with windshield cover, extension pipe. HTDZ HT350D Best Price is 7,500 Taka Per Pcs

Htdz HT-350d Built-In Monitor Office Conference System

Htdz HT-350d office conference system has 40Hz – 16000Hz frequency response, up to 20 – 120 cm sound receiving distance, -42 ±2dB sensitivity, built-in monitor with loudspeaker, red indicator light, electric capacity type microphone, equipped with windshield cover, 1 watt volume regulating. HTDZ HT-350D Price is 7500 Taka per pcs in Bangladesh Local market.

HTDZ HT-350D Bangladesh | Table Top Delegate Unit Conference System

HTDZ HB-350d Delegate Unit Frequency response: 40Hz-16kHz. Sensivity: -40 dB±2dB, Reference speech distance: 15-50cm & Microphone equipped with 1.5MM 8P cable. Support discuss with video With Built-in inner speaker. Unit powered by the system host @  Length of gooseneck: 390mm. Dimension: 168 × 145 × 60 mm. Net Weight: 0.7kg. Frequency Response 40Hz~16kHz Sensitivity-42dB ±2dB Length of gooseneck 390mm Reference speaking distance15-50cmAudio OutputBuilt-in 1W 8Ω Speaker & External Headphone JackDimension168(H)×145(W)×60(D)mmNet Weight0.7 KgPowerThe unit is powered by the system host.SwitchWith Speaking Button & indicator light, Can Freely Control the Speaking StatusConnection8P-DIN socket for system “T” connection, and can be customized according to the actual situation of the venueSensitivity-42dB ±2dBLength of gooseneck390mm
HTDZ HT-3000 Bangladesh
HTDZ HT-3000 Bangladesh

What is the HTDZ HT-350D Delegate Unit Price in BD? 

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HTDZ HT-3000 Conference System Central Amplifier

1. The main unit of the discussion conference system can support 60 units delegate and chairman microphone and can be extended to support 200 units microphone with extension power unit.
2. It is equipped with four groups of 8P-DIN interface for system connecting.
3. The main unit of the discussion conference system has a built-in monitor loudspeaker.
4. It offers system support 1/2/3/5/Free mode.
5. It can support video camera auto-track with video processor HT-8008.
6. Connection: a. 1 pcs 13m main cable with 8PIN plugs
7. 8 PIN socket for system connection

HTDZ HT-3000 Bangladesh

  • Designed accordance to ISO and IEC914 standards.
  • Built-in power supply device and signal amplify, which can support more than 70 groups of the speech equipment.
  • Four groups of 9p-DIN plugs for several systems join.
  • Can offer the power and date communication socket for video central processor.
  • Possess the output socket of audio frequency equipment.
  • Equipped with BAL socket for connection kinds of result device.
  • Built-in volume processor for volume regulating.
  • Built-in monitor loudspeaker (1w) for volume regulating.
  • System volume can be regulated independently.
  • MIC on number restriction: 1/2/3/5 open configurable
  • Equipped with a group of wire microphones input socket, which can regulate volume independently.
  • Equipped with nine LED system audio frequency indicators light.
  • Digital display and working mode indicator lamp on the panel.
  • Equipped with three buttons for choosing the working mode: set/up/enter. , Power consumption: 550w. ,Power supply : 220v
  • Installation: Fixable and movable.
  • Origin- China
  • Warranty: One Year

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