ITC T-710K 50W Stereo Square PA Waterproof Speaker

ITC T-710K Bangladesh

*Built-in 100v/70v transformer

*Waterproof horn type loudspeaker

*Wide frequency response range both suitable for music and paging

*Much longer dispersion distance

*6”+3” two ways speaker unit

*IP6 waterproof level

*Power taps 12.5w-25w-50w @100V

*ABS enclosure and metal bracket

*Ideal for parking, mosque, park & playground use


ITC T-710K Bangladesh


Model T-710K
Rated Power @100V 12.5W, 25W, 50W
Rated Power @70V 6.25W, 12.5W, 25W
Impedance Black: Com  White: 200Ω  Green: 400Ω   Red : 800Ω
Sensitivity(1W/1M) 99dB±3dB
Max. Sensitivity (Rated W/1M) 116dB
Frequency Response (-10dB) 90-20KHz
Material Case: ABS
Speaker Driver 6″ x 1 and 3″ x 1
Waterproof Rating IP x 6
Dimension 360 x 255 x 315mm
Weight 4Kg

With mounting bracket fixed by screw