MCD-300 Full Body Scanner Archway Metal Detector Gate

Fireproof, waterproof and shockproof. Multi-zone can exactly detect the location of metals that walk through person takes. Especially designed for factory, Exhibition Areas for outdoor check,  such as hardware and Electronic manufacturer check if the person steals the metals, or Apply for large public Events, check the person if take leather weapon.

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Product Functions:

  1. Improved digital and analog circuit design to insure the testing is more stable and reliable
  2. Using high quality alloy and special materials, waterproof, fireproof and shockproof
  3. Very light LED in the front of door for displaying the area of metal detected
  4. Sound and light alarm at the same time, the volume of alarm is adjustable
  5. Sensitivity of very area can be adjusted independently
  6. Intelligent traffic and the alarm counter
  7. Password-protected, just allowing the professional to operate
  8. Improved loop to reduce interference to eliminate blind spots
  9. Based on the operating system of digital information processing technology
  10. Adjustable digital frequencies to enable multiple security doors work at the same time

Product Parameters:

Alarm way:Audio Alert, and LED Location lamp work at same time .
Detection Zone:6 zone
Display ways:8 status led display
Sensitivity:0-99 adjustable
Tunnel Size:200(L)*70(W)*56(H)cm
Net Weight:60kg/set   Gross Weight:70.5kg/set
Power :220V AC , 50/60HZ
Power wastage:35 W
Main Body:230*72*25CM(2 piece/carton)
Host Machine:78*47*28cm(1 piece/carton)

MCD 300-600x600

MCD-300 Bangladesh

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