Newgy NY-6000-Y Hotel key card lock

● SUS304 Stainless steel material.
● Five latch mortise, deadbolt function, high security.
● Power supply: 4 standard AA alkaline batteries.
● American (ANSI) mortise.
● Adopt MIFARE ONE® contactless RF card as keycard.
● Battery life: 3 years in normal state, depending on both usage and climatic conditions.
● Mechanical When power voltage is less 4.5V, there will be warning when unlock the lock can still be unlocked about 50 times before the batteries are replaced.
● Door thickness requirement: 35mm to 60mm.
● Mechanical key: The separate emergency mechanical structure will allow the unlocking by the mechanical key in emergency.
● Sliver color and gold color for choice.

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1) Lock Type: RF Card lock
● Electronic key: NXP MF1ICS50, Mifare® intelligent card.
● International standard: ISO14443-A.
● Encrypting: 48 bits card special logic key encrypting and system data DES encrypting.
● Power supply: 4 pieces AA alkaline batteries.
● Mechanical life normal operation times≥100000.
Hotel Lock Advantage
● More Guest Satisfaction: Unmatched ease of use for guest of all ages. No need to insert the keycard.
● More Security: Anti-cloning technology for all guest and staff cards. Mag-stripe keycards can be cloned. Card lock NY-6000-Y allows powerful anti-cloning solution.
● More Adaptability: Card lock NY-6000-Y carriers adapt to any hotel style: Business, Resort, Spa, All-inclusive….
● Proprietary security encryption.
● MiFare® smart card technology.
● Applications

Card lock NY-6000-Y Suitable for small to very large scale hotels.
Easily replaces existing mechanical or electronic door locks.
Access control for guest rooms, common areas, and back-of-the-house.
Hotel Lock Security Features
High security and tamperproof design.
Solid deadbolt.
Emergency access: Emergency keycard, mechanical key and electronic override.
Unlock mode: RF Card & Mechanical key
Engineered for optimum security, Card lock NY-6000-Y can be used with confidence by both system administrators and users. The system employs multiple levels of encryption, including Newgy’s unique proprietary extra encryption, in order to maximize both security and peace of mind.
Hotel Lock Low Maintenance
Card lock NY-6000-Y operates with a completely sealed contactless reader.
Batteries last up to 3 years.
Low battery indicator alerts staff.
Card lock NY-6000-Y programming and audit are not erased during battery replacement Wear resistant construction and finish.
Suitable for installation on a 35mm-60mm thickness wooden doors.

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