Power waste
90 MA / DC 5V
working frequency
13 trillion and 560 billion Hz
Card reading distance
50~100 mm (Mifare1 card)
Interface mode
Support card type
Mifare1, S50, Mifare1, S70, Mifare, UltraLight, Mifare, Light, SHC1102
124mm (long) * 97mm (width) * 31mm (high)
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Power up and status indication
Power up state
The USB connects the NY-E-M-2/MUR-500 to the PC through the A-B LED, and the NY-E-M-2/MUR-500 can power up. The status of the reader can be determined by observing the card reader on the display.
Normally, when the power on, the red light and green light at the same time, about 0.5 seconds later, the green lights go out, the red light continues to shine, the reader enters the work state. The PC program can be started to operate on it. After the reader is electrically stable, any other possible state combination of the red and green lights is a fault.
Red light indication
The red light is used to indicate the execution state of the Config () function, and if the function succeeds, the red light is on. If the Close () function is executed, then the red light goes out.
green light
There are four possible conditions for changing the green light:
1, the implementation of Config () function and Close () function, if the Config () function is successful, then the green light, otherwise the green light. If the reader performs the Close () function, the green light goes out. When the card reader is powered on, the Config () function is automatically executed, so the reader is stable and the red light is on and the green light goes out.
2, when the reader on the power into the normal working state (at this time the red light, green light out), before the PC machine does not issue any command, if the card reader sensing area within the card, the green light will be bright, or the green light will be out. This function disappears after any command has been issued by the PC machine. Therefore, before you start the PC program, the card reader can indicate whether there is a card in the sensing area.
3, the execution of the Green_Off () function will extinguish the green light, and the Green_On () function will light the green light.
4, the implementation of the Alarm () function will make the green light flashing.
The execution of the Alarm () function allows the buzzer to be audible, controlling the duration of the buzzer, the duration of the call, and the number of repetitions.