Panasonic KX-TDA6178 24-Port SLT Card

  • 24-Port SLT Card with CID (ECLSC24)
  • Supports Caller ID compatible single line telephones (SLTs)
  • Includes 4 power failure circuits
  • Requires 1 free slot
  • Only installable on shelves that are equipped with a KX-TDA0103 L-type power supply


Panasonic KX-TDA6178

The Panasonic KX-TDA6178 SLT card is a 24-port analog line card with caller ID. The caller ID identifies the caller at all ports as standard Frequency shift keying. The card lets you connect analog devices such as phones, faxes and modems. The card has 16 DTMF receivers and 6 ports operating with no power.

  • Compatible with KX-TDE600 and KX-TDA600 Panasonic Phone Systems
  • 24 Port Single Line Telephone Card
  • Caller ID
  • Standard Frequency Shift Keying
  • Connect Analog Device
  • 16 DTMF Receivers
  • 6 Ports Operating with No Power