Verbex TC-424P 24-Port PABX & Apartment Intercom System

৳ 19,500.00

  • Brand: Verbex
  • Model: TC-424P
  • 24 Line Intercom
  • 4 T&T Input
  • Origin: China
  • Warranty: One Year
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Verbex TC-424P 24-Port PABX & Apartment Intercom System in Bangladesh

  • Compatible with KTS & SLT, plug and play
  • Support PC ( call management and bill) software
  • Caller ID transferred
  • Auto Fax detect
  • Least cost routing
  • IP code access automatically
  • Extension password
  • Busy transferred
  • Unconditional Transferred
  • Call Transferred to Secretary
  • Do Not Disturb(DND)
  • Day and Night service
  • Operator attendant
  • Auto attendant
  • Party Conference ( between 2 extensions and 1 CO line )
  • Party Conference ( among 3 extensions)
  • Outside caller call extension by one touch
  • Extension ring by turns
  • Hot line ( call to operator by lifts handset without dialing)
  • Call to operator by one touch dialing
  • Ringback on busy
  • Speed dialing
  • External music on hold socket
  • Extension outgoing call class
  • Remote program
  • Outside ( CO ) Line Duration Time Limit
  • Monitor voice record
  • Various Outside ( CO ) Line Access Mode Selection
  • Extension number assignable freewill ( 2, 3 or 4 digits)
  • Executive busy override
  • Eight extension ringing assignable
  • Broadcast
  • Twin routes 3 section OGM (DISA)
  • Self-extension number confirmation
  • Pulse and tone mode setting
  • Polarity Reverse Detection

Verbex PABX & Apartment Intercom System

Verbex TC-424P 24-Port PABX & Apartment Intercom System is a device intended for use in apartment complexes, homes, and school property. The Verbex TC-424P Apartment Intercom is a portable intercom system designed to be installed in flat areas such as walls. It has a rugged enclosure that is both vandal-proof and weatherproof. The Verbex TC-424P Apartment Intercom features a high-performance speaker and microphone with volume and clarity controls.

Verbex 24-line Intercom Price in Bangladesh

Price:৳ 19,500
Item:Intercom & PABX
Contact No:01789-636363
Warranty:One Year





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