Verbex VT-3000 Series Central Amplifier

৳ 35,000.00

  • Brand: Verbex
  • Model: VT-3000
  • LCD screen liquid crystal menu displays the work content, intuitive and clearly;
  • High power output
  • Multiple input channels
  • Zone control
  • Digital signal processing
  • Network connectivity
  • Public address systems
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Verbex VT-3000 Series Central Amplifier price in Bangladesh

  • Adopt digital integrated circuit technology, low power consumption, high fidelity and extremely stable.
  • Five speech modes: chairman dedicated, first-in first-out, restricted speech, free discussion,
    overwhelming rotation;
  • Five types of speakers: 1-3-6 (optional), and all open;
  • Power off intelligent memory function, can memorize the original running state of the program. If the power is off unexpectedly, the last setting will be restored after power on;
  • With Chinese/English language switching function;
  • LCD screen liquid crystal menu displays the work content, intuitive and clear;
  • Built-in anti-howling function, turning on the frequency shift function can effectively suppress howling,
  • expand the volume, increase the pickup distance, and ensure the quality of voice transmission, with
  • high fidelity and clear sound.
  • Adopt the one button control the menu function, with volume adjustment, telephone input and total
    volume output regulator;
  • The host can be connected to at least 100 conference microphone units, with four parallel outputs,
    each can be connected to 25 units, which can increase With a speaker and 2M eight-core wire of this
    conference seat is inseparable, It can be exchanged for a 3.5-meter separable 8-core T-shaped cable