VERTIV (Emerson) 120KVA Hipulse U Online UPS

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VERTIV (Emerson) 120KVA Hipulse U Online UPS, VERTIV Online UPS

  • Brand: VERTIV (Ex Emerson)
  • Model: Hipulse U
  • Country of origin: USA
  • Country of manufacture: India
  • Nominal Rating: 120 KVA/108KW
  • Warranty: One Year


VERTIV (Emerson) 120KVA Hipulse U Online UPS, VERTIV Online UPS, Emerson Bangladesh

Brand VERTIV (Ex Emerson)
Model Hipulse U
Country of origin USA
Country of manufacture India
Nominal Rating 120 KVA/108KW
Rectifier type 6p
Nominal input voltage 380/400/415Vac 3-wire plus Ground
Input Voltage Range 290 to 498 Vac
Nominal input frequncy 50/60HZ
Input frequency range 45-55HZ/55-65HZ
Input current distortion With 5% With optional filter
Power factor (with filter) 0.9 with optional filter
Nominal output valtage 380/400/415Vac 3- phase with Neutral
Voltage stability ± 1% (Steady state), ± 5% (Transient state)
Transient recovery time 20 milliseconds to 1%
Frequncy stability  ± 0.1% (synchronized with internal clock),  ±6% (max) (syncchronized with bypass)
Overload capability 101-110%,60minutes;125-150%,1 minute
Voltage distortion with linear load <1%
Voltage distortion with 100% non- linear load < 5%
permissible load unbalance 100%
Non linear load capability 100%
Load handing capability without kVA derating 0.5 lagging to 0.9 leading
Phase angle displacement accuracy
100% balalance load ±1°
100% unbalance load ±1°
Isolation Transformer Built -in
Battery Brand LEOCH/Emerson approved Battery
Battery capacity 12 V,100 AH
Number of Battery 34
Back Up time Standard backup
Dimensions and weight
Depth (mm) 855
width(mm) 900
Height(mm) 1900
width (kg) 900 Kg
General and safety requirements for UPS IEC 62040-1-1
EMC requirements for UPS IEC 62040-2
Desing & Test Methods (1999) IEC 62040-3