Zebra MC9200 Mobile Computer

The MC9200 is the next generation in the industry-leading rugged MC9000 Series, now offering support for the most popular mobile operating system in the world, Android. Raising the bar on rugged mobile computing, the MC9200 offers well-proven technology that you and your workers can count on, with the very latest barcode scanning technology, a contemporary user interface and the power to run a new class of business applications that is every bit as easy to use and engaging as today”s consumer applications. As part of the MC9000 Series, the MC9200 is designed for all-day business use in the toughest environments – every day, millions of users around the world count on their MC9000 Series mobile computer to better manage inventory in warehouses and manufacturing plants, track baggage on airport tarmacs in any kind of weather and keep weaponry and vehicles on military bases in peak operating condition. The MC9200 – the next evolution in the world”s leading mobile computer for demanding environments.

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Zebra MC9200

You get the same great proven, exceptionally rugged design With over three million sold, no other rugged mobile computer offers the same level of unsurpassed proven reliability. The MC9200 boasts the same unrivaled rugged feature set as its predecessor, the MC9190-G, offering:

A durable shock-resistant housing
The integrated one-piece gun handle is part of the housing,
greatly increasing durability over snap-on handles. A Torque
Cell design replaces the traditional clamshell construction — the
two halves of the housing slide together and are connected with
a series of 28 hooks and locks instead of a handful of plastic
‘flanges’ (known as bosses) and screws. The force of a drop
is no longer concentrated on the bosses, instead dispersed
throughout the 28 connection points, eliminating twisting and
flexing in any one spot.

A durable battery design
A flat corrosion-proof battery connector replaces traditional
pin-style connectors, where a single broken pin prevents
operation. And since the connector is part of the battery
instead of part of the device, you get a new connector every
time you replace the battery.

Ready for the cold
Use the MC9200 to streamline your cold chain operations.
With a temperature rating of -4° F to 122° F/-20° C to 50° C; an
IP64 sealing rating and an internal replaceable desiccant pack*
that prevents condensation from forming inside the device,
the MC9200 is ready for your refrigerators and temperature
controlled loading dock.

Protection for sensitive electronics
Our innovative tuned external rubber bumpers are constructed
of materials that significantly reduce the effects of shock during
a drop. Sensitive electronics moved less than 6/1000ths of
an inch in tests, approximately 40 times less than the 1⁄4 inch
movement common in clamshell housings. In addition, the circuit
board is not attached to the housing with screws. Instead, it is
held in place with floating rubber-wrapped magnesium frames.
Since the entire electronic assembly “floats” inside the housing,
it doesn’t bend when the unit is dropped.

Reliable sealing
Since we utilize insert molding fabrication, parts can be added
during the molding of the plastic housing, improving the quality
and the reliability of the environmental sealing.

A durable touchscreen design
Our polycarbonate display is rated to a 4H hardness
factor instead of the typical 3H for most touchscreens,
making it more resistant to wear and tear. And an air
gap between the touchscreen and the display further
protects the display.

Ultra strong scanner exit window
Incredibly tough Corning®
glass is virtually
scratch and shatter proof, protecting one of the
most business-critical features of the MC9200 —
barcode scanning.

The highest endurance specification in this class
The MC9200 continues to operate reliably, even
after 2,000 tumbles — the equivalent of 4,000
3.28 ft./1 m hits — the highest rating in this class.

The industry’s toughest drop test
All drop tests are not created equally. To ensure that
the MC9200 can handle a drop, we surpassed the
8 ft./2.4 m military MIL-STD 801G 516.5 specifications.
During the drop test, the unit must be:
• Powered on, instead of off
• Dropped to concrete instead of plywood
over concrete
• Dropped across the entire operating
temperature range instead of
room temperature
• Must not lose power, data or a network
connection, or reboot during a fall, instead
of simply powering up after the test is complete