Zkteco C3-100 PoE Bundle

C3-100 is one of the most rugged and reliable one door controller on the market, with a multitude of built-in features.
In this bundle, the PoE splitter can offer 12V 2A DC for both C3-100 and one 12V DC lock. On the input side, just need connect the splitter to a PoE switch.



Zkteco C3-100 PoE Bundle


Specification of C3-100
User Capacity 30000
Event Buffer 100,000 transactions
Communication RS485, Ethernet
Nominal Voltage of C3-100 12v
Standby Current of C3-100 40mA
Operating¬†Temp 0¬įC~¬†45¬†¬įC
Operating Humidity 20%~ 80%
Number of doors controlled One door
Number of readers Supported 2
Aux. Output 1
Types of readers supported 26-bit Wiegand, others upon request
Number of Inputs 2 (Exit Device and Door Status)
Number of Outputs 2 (One Form C relay for lock and one Form C relay for Aux output)
Weight 3.35kg
Dimensions (Bundle Only) 305.2mm × 298.4mm × 89mm
Dimensions ( Board Only) 160mm × 106mm
Specification of POE Splitter
Maximum¬†Power 15.4W¬†(IEEE¬†802.3af)Ôľõ25.5W¬†(IEEE¬†802.3at)
Input voltage 36-57V
Output voltage: 12V
Network¬†standards IEEE802.3i¬†10¬†BASE-TÔľĆIEEE802.3i¬†100¬†BASE-TXÔľĆIEEE802.3x¬†flow¬†controlÔľĆIEEE802.3af/¬†IEEE802.3at
Working¬†Temperature 0¬įC¬†~¬†45¬†¬įC
Interface¬†protection Meet¬†the¬†IEC61000-4-2¬†(ESD)¬†¬Ī¬†15KV¬†(air),¬†¬Ī¬†8KV¬†(contact)¬†requiresÔľĆAble¬†to¬†withstand¬†8/20us¬†24A¬†(12A)¬†energy
Input an input RJ45 interface
Output an output RJ45 connector and a DC output interface
Data transfer rate 10/100/1000Mbps
The maximum transmission distance 100 meters

Zkteco C3-100 PoE Bundle
Zkteco C3-100 PoE Bundle

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