Zkteco D147-H

D147-H Encoder, a non-contact smart USB hotel IC card encoder based on an international standard ISO / IEC14443 A protocol, works perfectly with the ZKBioSecurity Online Hospitality software.

The encoder uses a USB interface for power supply. Its simple operation, stable card reading performance, plus compatibility with plenty of card types make it a good fit for RFID applications such as hotel, access control, time & attendance, security, patrol, etc.



Zkteco D147-H



Model D147-H Encoder
Dimensions (L*W*D) 107 * 107 * 23 (mm) (wire length: 1,500mm)
International Standard ISO / IEC 14443 A
Card Supporting (read-only) S50 / S70 / DESfire / NTAG213 / NTAG216 / Ultralight / FM1204 / FM1208
Card Supporting (read and write) S50 / S70 / DESfire / NTAG213 / NTAG216 / Ultralight / FM1204 / FM1208
Read Range 0 ~ 3cm (depends on the work environment and card type)
Working Frequency 13.56MHz
Power Supply DC 5V (±4%)
Operating Temperature -10°C ~ +70°C
Storage -20°C ~ +80°C

Zkteco D147-H
Zkteco D147-H

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