ZKTeco Door Access Control Package With Fingerprint Device

৳ 15,500.00

  • Fingerprint Capacity 1000
  • ID Card Capacity 1000 (Optional)
  • Record Capacity 100,000
  • Display 2.8-Inch TFT Screen
  • Communication TCP/IP, USB Host
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ZKTeco Door Access Control Package With Fingerprint Device price in Bangladesh

  • 1 × ZKTeco Electromagnetic Lock 280KG
  • 1 × ZKteco LMD280ZL/UL -Bracket Magnetic Lock
  • 1 × ZKTeco Exit Button
  • 1 × Access Control & Time Attendance Installation
  • Latest Price: 15,500 Taka

ZKTeco Fingerprint Time Attendance Terminal Pacakge Price in Bangladesh

Time attendance systems have become an essential part of modern-day businesses. They not only help in monitoring employee attendance but also assist in the efficient management of employee time and productivity. The ZKTeco K40 Fingerprint Time Attendance Terminal is one such system that offers a unique combination of efficiency, reliability, and affordability.

The ZKTeco K40 Fingerprint Time Attendance Terminal is a biometric time attendance system that uses fingerprint recognition technology to record employee attendance. It has the capacity to store up to 1000 fingerprint templates and can be used for both time attendance and access control purposes. It is a compact and user-friendly device that can be installed easily in any workplace.

Managing employee attendance is a crucial task for any organization, regardless of its size. It helps in monitoring employee performance, payroll management, and other related HR activities. Traditional methods of attendance management, such as paper-based registers and punch cards, are prone to errors and can be easily manipulated. With advancements in technology, fingerprint time attendance terminals have emerged as a popular and reliable solution for attendance management. In this article, we will discuss one such popular fingerprint time attendance terminal, the ZKTeco K40, and its features.

What is the ZKTeco Fingerprint Time Attendance Terminal?

The ZKTeco K40 is a biometric time attendance terminal that uses fingerprint recognition technology to record employee attendance. It is a user-friendly device that comes with a built-in keypad and an LCD display screen. It can store up to 1,000 fingerprints and 80,000 attendance records, making it suitable for small and medium-sized businesses.

Features of ZKTeco K-40:

Biometric Authentication: The ZKTeco K40 uses fingerprint recognition technology to authenticate employee attendance. It can store up to 1,000 fingerprints and can recognize and match them within 1 second. The device has a high level of accuracy, and it eliminates the possibility of buddy punching.

User-Friendly Interface: The device comes with a built-in keypad and an LCD display screen, making it easy for employees to use. It also has a voice prompt feature that guides employees through the attendance process.

Connectivity Options: The ZKTeco K40 can be connected to a computer or a network through TCP/IP, RS232/485, or USB. It also supports data transfer through a USB flash drive, making it easy to transfer attendance data to other devices.

Multi-Functional Device: Apart from attendance management, the ZKTeco K40 can also be used for access control. It can be integrated with door locks, turnstiles, and other access control systems to provide a comprehensive security solution.

ZKTeco K-40 Fingerprint Device Specifications:

ID Card Capacity3,000 (Optional)
Fingerprint Capacity3,000
Record Capacity80,000 – 100,000
Display 2.8-inch TFT Screen
CommunicationTCP/IP, USB Host
Standard FunctionsSMS, Automatic Status Switch, Self-Service Query, Work Code, T9
input 9 Digits User ID, DST, Schedule Bell
Optional Functions ID/Mifare
SoftwareZKTime.net 3.0
Power SupplyDC 12V 1.5A
Verification Speed≤0.5 sec
Operating Humidity20%-80%
Operating Temp.0 °C- 45 °C
Dimension184 × 136 × 37.6 (Length × Width × Thickness

Best Practices for Configuring K40 Access Control System

Configuring a K40 access control system can be challenging, especially for first-time users. To ensure that your K40 access control system is configured correctly, you should follow these best practices:

  • Use strong passwords and change them regularly
  • Use two-factor authentication to enhance security
  • Set up backup and recovery procedures in case of system failure
  • Regularly update the system software to fix security vulnerabilities and improve performance
  • Restrict physical access to the control panel and peripherals to authorized personnel only

Configuring a K40 access control system is a simple process that can be done by following the steps outlined in this article. By properly configuring your K40 access control system, you can enhance the security of your property and ensure that only authorized personnel have access to restricted areas.

Top 10 popular ZKTeco time attendance and access control devices in Bangladesh:

  1. ZKTeco WL20 – Wireless Time Attendance & Access Control Device
  2. ZKTeco F18 – Biometric Time Attendance & Access Control Device
  3. ZKTeco K40 – Fingerprint Time Attendance & Access Control Device
  4. ZKTeco U160 – Biometric Time Attendance & Access Control Device
  5. ZKTeco iClock700 – Fingerprint Time Attendance & Access Control Device
  6. ZKTeco MA300 – Outdoor Fingerprint Access Control Device
  7. ZKTeco SF200 – Fingerprint Time Attendance & Access Control Device
  8. ZKTeco X628-C – Biometric Time Attendance & Access Control Device
  9. ZKTeco IN01-A – Fingerprint Time Attendance & Access Control Device
  10. ZKTeco TF1700 – Fingerprint Access Control Device with Time Attendance

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The ZKTeco K40 Fingerprint Time Attendance Terminal is a reliable and efficient time attendance system that can help businesses keep track of their employees’ attendance. It offers several benefits, including increased accuracy, time-saving, cost-effectiveness, data analysis, and improved security. Before making a purchase, businesses should consider the size of the business, integration with other systems, security requirements, user-friendliness, price, and warranty and support. With the ZKTeco K40, businesses can streamline their attendance tracking process and improve their overall efficiency.



Zkteco Bangladesh

Security of the company or organization was always a growing concern, and in this field, ZKTeco is a brand that has gained worldwide popularity. ZKTeco is an International bio-security company from China, and they have come to Bangladesh with all of their state of the art technology and product lineup.  

Zkteco – Company Details

 ZKteko Co Ltd is a globally renowned Bio-security company based in China. Despite categorizing as a biosecurity company, they are basically an IT company with research and development facilities all around the world. Based in Dongguan, China, ZKTeco International has R&D facilities in India, Dongguan, Xiamen, and Dalian. They have distributors all around the world and are expanding more. Currently, the company employs over 3500 employees, and this number is expanding day by day. Their International products lineup concludes with Biometric access systems, smart entrance controls, security scanners & archways, smart office assists, attendance systems, and many more.  

Zkteco Bangladesh

 Zkteco Bangladesh started their journey all the way back in 1985 by the name of ZKsoftware. Later in 2013, they entered the security and biosecurity market with new technologies. By today, they are one of the most renowned companies in the segment. Like the global mother company, Zkteco Bangladesh offers a wide range of security and biometric security solutions, such as fingerprint readers, facial recognition-based solutions, iris recognition based machines, metal or explosive detector archways, pat down machines, and many more. They are also really popular on the CCTVsegment, as they provide top of the line security cameras for companies or for households.  

Zkteco attendance machine price in Bangladesh

 Zkteco is known worldwide for its security and attendance solutions. They have a long-range of solutions and machines for attendance in companies or even small businesses. Currently, they have several types of attendance – among them, the most popular categories are RFID solutions, fingerprint scanners, and face recognition systems. For small businesses or companies, fingerprint readers and RFID solutions are the best options to go to. Face detection attendance systems &  are often suitable for larger companies due to the cost, but it is one of the most effective solutions for not only attendance but also access control and security. The RFID card reader is a simple yet effective solution for startups. ZKteco Bangladesh offers a vast range of RFID card readers with access control and attendance terminal. Because of this, employees who have the RFID card can use that card to get access to the premises. Along with this, the reading of the card records the access time and processes it through the well designed Zkteco software to give the attendance record. Whether it is Just for access control or for attendance record or for both – the RFID card readers from ZKteco do a good job too with a really good price tag.  

Facial Recognition Devices in Bangladesh

 The face detection systems on the other hand are way too secure and error-free. RFID card is a physical thing that can get damaged, or get lost by the employee, and then there is the matter of reissuing the card on his name and though this does not take a lot of time, it is still a process. Face detection devices, on the other hand, are more secure and there is no chance of re-doing something or issuing something. This is also very effective when it comes to access control and security. With face detection systems, only registered people or employees can access the company premises or certain floors, and no one else can steal their identity and get access. ZKteco Bangladesh has a long-range of facial recognition devices that provide great access control and a flawless attendance record. Some facial recognition devices even come with fingerprint and RFID card readers built in them, so they just provide extra layers of security. Currently, the most advanced facial recognition system by ZKteco Bangladesh is the second generation facial recognition terminals – called the Horus series. This name came from the ancient Egyptian god “Horus” who had an all-seeing eye. The Horus lineup from ZKteco features one of the most advanced technologies in the market to capture the face –  and starts on a very compact sized machine – almost like the size of a usual mobile phone. Devices of this series can be connected to other devices or a network via an internet connection or optionally, wifi. So, the attendance record can be accessed and viewed immediately with proper access from anywhere in the world. The series has an optional RFID card module and fingerprint scanner for an extra layer of security. This lineup can recognize faces that are almost 3 meters away and has a plus and minus 30 degrees or angle range. Overall, the facial recognition devices from ZKteco provides great security and access control along with an organized and accurate attendance record.  

ZKteco Fingerprint Attendance BD

 When it comes to fingerprint recognition devices for attendance and access control, ZKteco has a long line of products. This ensures that companies on all levels and different needs get their needed attendance and security device at the best value possible. ZKteco fingerprint readers are priced from 6,800 BDT to 23,500 BDT depending on the models and their features. But, this long price range makes sure even small companies or startups can have top quality biometric attendance machines along with access control.   

Access control Bangladesh

 All of the attendance and biometric recognition machines from ZKteco come with access control. Whether it is an RFID card reader, or fingerprint scanner, or facial recognition device, along with providing attendance of the employees they also restrict the office premises or special floors or sections from people who don’t have access. This way the employees can enter securely and also the premises are safe from unauthorized people. FAQ 

Question:  What is the best facial recognition device in BD?

 Answer: ZKteco Horus series is one of the leading facial recognition devices for attendance and access control in Bangladesh. 

Question: How much is a fingerprint attendance device?

 Answer: ZKteco fingerprint scanners for attendance and access control starts from 6,800 BDT.  


 ZKteco Bangladesh is bringing the new and secure technologies of ZKteco global in Bangladesh. They are also always prioritizing their product quality and keeping the price in the grasp. They are already doing well in introducing new attendance, access control, and security devices. Hopefully, they will keep on introducing new technologies and updates in the future.