Zkteco FaceKiosk-H32

FaceKiosk-H32, our multipurpose facial recognition smart device with android system and 32-inch touch screen in order to provide a friendly and interactive user experience.

The Android operating system brings you unlimited potential to formulate you solution and FaceKiosk-H32 which designed for simple installation also provided along with a wall mount, will always best-fit in the working environment.

FaceKiosk-H32 can undergo further development and change into the best solution for time and attendance, access control, meeting assisting, self-service Kiosk. It can also change into an advertisement display panel, user may simply upload advertising photos and videos from USB drives.



Zkteco FaceKiosk-H32


Attendance Record Capacity 100,000
Facial Templates Capacity 10,000
User Capacity 10,000
Aspect Ratio 16:9
Screen Brightness 300cd/m²
Operating System Android 7.1.2
CPU Quad-core A17
Frequency 2.0GHZ
Communication TCP/IP, WIFI, USB, Bluetooth
Screen Dimension 32-inch touch screen
Effective Response Area 708mm * 398mm
Power Supply AC110V ~ 240V
Colors Black frosting spray paint
Operating Humidity 10% ~ 98%
Operating Temperature -10°C ~ 50°C
Dimension 769mm * 494mm * 49.16mm
Gross Weight 16kg

Zkteco FaceKiosk-H32
Zkteco FaceKiosk-H32

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