ZKteco G4L

Enhanced Visible Light Facial Recognition is the latest technology of ZKTeco, aimed to overcome shortcomings of previous facial recognition and achieve an all-rounded upgrade on whatever performance and reliability. G4L is a multi biometric identification terminal, notably offers enhanced Visible Light facial recognition and SilkID fingerprint authentication technology.

Compared with other near-infrared facial identification devices, G4L, equipped with advanced Visible Light Facial Recognition technology, enables quicker automatic face detection and facial recognition when a target enters its detection distance from 0.5m to 2.5m.

With new deep learning algorithms applied, the anti-spoofing technology performance has been dramatically heightened and can prevent different types of photos and video attacks.

Also, with the cutting-edge 3D Neuron Fingerprint Algorithm, G4L precisely authenticates dry, wet, or rough fingerprints efficiently and accurately. Apart from Visible Light facial recognition and SilkID fingerprint authentication, G4L also supports identification with RFID cards and passwords.



ZKteco G4L

User 10,000
fe2ef6812b51d4486fdfc1d021cfd0da Face 10,000
271d5e822864e929d12f1306e73af78c Fingerprint 10,000
Card 10,000
Transaction 1,000,000
Communication TCP/IP / Wi-Fi / Wiegand Input / Wiegand Output / RS485
Access Control Interface Lock Relay Output / Exit Button / Alarm Output / Door Sensor
 f376ab679ffa9c3fb2a5a8d015c6e7be 900MHz Dual Core CPU
Memory 512MB RAM/ 8G Flash
28583dfdb51a1241121910d3cece2b47 2MP WDR Low Light Camera
fd983774089f4bf7a307acd3dd49a1fe 7-inch Touch Screen, 1280*720 pixels
Linux Operating System
Adjustable Monitor Brightness
Standard Functions ID Card / Work Code / ADMS / DST / Bell Schedule / Attendance Status Auto-Switch / Record Query / Photo ID
Optional Functions  f72f8a5c08ec32011ff94fcdb18db142 13.56 MHz IC / LEGIC Card
f3d03b51e5314b6ff9c55ed4a436d8f1 PoE
Special Functions 62d1f3b1701950904157358caf6dd2d9 Visible Light Facial Recognition
484fb0ce34de77449d8e07156b413f14 Alive Face Detection
Multiple Biometric Verification Modes
Compatibility BioTime 8.0 / ZKBioSecurity (Time & Attendance)
Additional Info
Algorithms ZKFace V5.8 / ZKFinger V10.0
Working Temperature 0°C – 50°C (32°F – 122°F)
Working Humidity <90%
Dimensions (W*H*D) 264*112*54.8 mm
Facial Recognition Speed ≤0.3 sec
Facial Recognition Distance 9542440d08bd81ce28528a7f347c3d08 0.5m ~ 2.5m
Power DC12V 3A
ZKteco G4L
ZKteco G4L