Zkteco G4[TD]

G4[TD] is a fully upgraded version of the G4 Visible Light Facial Recognition Terminal using intelligent engineering facial recognition algorithms and the latest computer vision technology. It supports speedy facial recognition with large capacity and other authentication methods, including identification with fingerprint, card, and password. G4[TD] also enhances security performance in all aspects.

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Zkteco G4[TD]


Body Temperature Detection Specifications

Preventative MeasuresMask detection / Body temperature detection
Temperature Measurement Distance30 ~ 50cm (1 ~ 1.64ft)
Temperature Measurement Accuracy±0.3°C (±0.56°F)
Temperature Measurement Range34 ~ 45°C (93.2 ~ 113°F)


* Facial verification for masked individuals will increase FAR.

* The temperature measurement data is for reference only, and not for any medical purpose.

* G4[TD] is not suitable for intense light and high-temperature environments.

* It is advised to use the product indoor without wind.

Specifications  ( : GL Exclusive Feature)

ID Card10,000
CommunicationTCP/IP / USB Host / Wiegand Input / Wiegand Output / Bluetooth, WIFI
Access Control InterfaceLock Relay Output / Exit Button / Alarm Output / Door Sensor /External Bell
HardwareHigh-Performance Android Industrial CPU / 2GB DDR3 RAM / 16GB ROM
67070d89b8c04ad849f0ab519f7df877 QR Code Module (Optional: SilkID Fingerprint Sensor)
7-inch Touch Screen, 1280*800 Pixels / 2MP Binocular Camera
Standard FunctionsID Card / Work Code / Push / DST / Schedule Bell / Automatic Status Switch / Record Query / Photo ID
Special FunctionsEnhanced Visible Light Facial Recognition / Live Face Detection / Live Fingerprint Detection / Multiple Biometric Verification Modes
Optional Functionsdd2da1041bf50cac71fdfb6ef62529d3 13.56MHz IC Card / ICASS Card / HID Card
BioTime 8.0 (Only Time & Attendance Firmware)
ZKBioSecurity (Only Access Control Firmware)
Additional Info
AlgorithmsZKFace5.6 & ZKFinger 10.0
Working Temperature0°C ~ 50°C (32°F ~ 122°F)
Optimum Operating Temperature16°C ~ 32°C (60.8°F ~ 89.6°F)
Working Humidity<90%
Dimensions246*120*51 mm (9.69*4.72*2 in)
Facial Recognition Speed≤1s
Facial Recognition Distance0.5m ~ 3m
PowerDC12V 3A
Zkteco G4[TD]
Zkteco G4[TD]