ZKTeco HBL100B Hybrid Biometric Smart Lock With Wireless Connection

৳ 23,500.00


HBL100B ZKTeco

  • Facial Recognition
  • Lockout Mode
  • Smart Alarm
  • Touch Screen
  • Mobile Management
  • Warranty: One Year

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ZKTeco HBL100B

  • Facial Recognition : ZKTeco Face Algorithm V7.0
  • Verification Speed< 1s
  • Lockout Mode: All normal users (other than admin)
  • Smart Alarm: Low Battery Warning & Illegal Operation Record
  • Touch Screen: 8 Inches Capacitive Screen with Graphical User Interface
  • Mobile Management Supports Bluetooth for ZK SmartKey or Zigbee for Alexa
  • Reversible Design Fit for All Door Open Direction


Material  Zinc Alloy
Mortise  American Standard Single Latch
German Standard Mortise (optional)
Communication  BLE4.0 / Zigbee
Card Reader  Mifare Card Supported
Fingerprint Sensor  Semi-conductor (Silicon)
(Only for HBL100)
Language  English / Spanish / Portuguese
User Capacity  100
Power Supply  Rechargeable Lithium Battery
8×AA Alkaline Battery (optional)
Door Thickness  30-60mm(standard)
Temperature  -20 °C—+55 °C
Dimensions  Front: 86(W)×236(L)×37(D)mm
Back: 84(W)×236(L)×38(D)mm
Battery Life  Over 6,500 times (Only for Lithium Battery)

ZKTeco HBL100B Price in BDHBL100B ZKTeco

ZKTeco Smart Door lock:

The Smart door locks are the newest innovation in home security products These hands-free smart home gadgets are designed with convenience and safety in mind. Not only are you able to unlock the door using a custom key code, but you’re also off the hook if you’re forgetful and leave your keys at home.  This is because smart locks operate electronically and don’t require a key to unlock. Some locks may even use remotes, smartphones, or voice commands from a smart speaker to lock and unlock your door.  While they offer convenience to homeowners, some people wonder,  “Are smart door locks safe?”

Phone Detection :

One reason people doubt the safety of smart locks stems from the mistaken idea that you can only unlock them with your smartphone.  Certain brands of smart door locks use your phone’s presence via Bluetooth to disengage. This becomes problematic if someone steals your phone. However, most smart locks also have a backup key, and an entry code you can enter in the event your phone isn’t with you.

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ZKTeco HBL100B Price in BD

Brand: ZKTeco
Price: ৳ 23,500.00
Warranty: One Year
Status: In Stock
Contact No: 01789-636363
Hotline: 01785-777722

Lock Removal System :

Not only can many smart locks be hacked, but they also are proven to have other vulnerabilities like the ability to be removed with a flathead screwdriver. Since smart locks often work with an existing deadbolt, this may mean they have the same level of security as traditional locks. Some smart locks require the deadbolt to have certain specifications before installation. For instance, the smart lock may only work with thumb-turn deadbolts and not double-cylinder deadbolts. These limitations could make the home vulnerable since the homeowner will not be able to add additional hardware for extra protection. If you do choose a smart lock, it may be best to rely on a version where you can use it as an extra layer of protection for your traditional lock. Plus, depending on what type of power source the lock uses, the lock may become useless during power failures. Brinks Home Security™ offers smart locks with encryption, opening via Bluetooth, a key code, or a regular backup key, and battery backups in the event of a power outage.  If you face any problem then you can contact our Facebook page:

How To Keep Your Smart Door Locks Safe?

Just as there are ways your smart door locks can be compromised, there are also steps you can take to protect your locks from becoming vulnerable. This includes:

  • Regularly updating your  smart lock password
  • Not sharing your smart lock password
  • Updating the mobile application linked to your smart door locks
  • Practicing these security precautions will keep your smart door locks from becoming an easy target for break-ins.

Interested in home security equipment including smart door locks, sensors, cameras, and smoke detectors? Contact Brinks Home Security today to find out more about their affordable equipment pieces and monitored home security plans.

HBL100B ZKTeco HBL100B ZKTeco HBL100B ZKTeco

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