Zkteco LPRC100

LPRC100 is the first generation of license plate recognition camera of ZKTeco.
It adopts the self-developed license plate recognition algorithm. Based on years of industry experience in LPR camera hardware platform and professional parking management software, LPRC100 is developed to identify the moving license plate
accurately in complex environment, take photographs of plates, and send the information back to the realtime software platform; the software platform will automatically determine whether the vehicles is allowed to gain access. Users may choose to manually manage vehicles access with the real-time platform too.
Besides, users can customize the charging rules through our software to pay the parking fees according to their vehicle types.



Zkteco LPRC100


Model LPRC100
License Plate Recognition Specifications
Recognition¬†Accuracy Day‚Č•99.9%;¬†Night‚Č•99.7%
Recognition¬†Time ‚ȧ200ms¬†(average¬†time)
Recognition Distance 2-10meters (recommend distance is 3.5-4m)
Adaptable¬†Speed¬†Of¬†Car ‚ȧ15km/h
Output Information License plate number, License plate picture, Access time
Supported Countries Thailand, Argentina, Mexico, Chile, Colombia, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Brazil, Peru, Mongolia, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, UAE, Oman, Egypt, EU, Korea, Pakistan, etc.
Camera Parameter
CPU A7@600 MHz, 32 KB I-cache, 32 KB D-cache/128 KB
RAM DDR3, 256M
Image Sensor 1/2.8’’ SONY 290 COMS
Lens 2MP, 3.2mm -11.1mm, Auto focus
Resolution 1920*1080 pixel
Minimum Illuminance 0.1Lux (standard)
Video Compression Standard H264
Video Compression Bit -Rate 32Kbps -16Mbps
Double Code Stream Main stream: 1920*1080, 1280*720 (optional), 1-25frames/s (default: 25)
Sub stream: 704*576, 640*480, 320*240 (optional), 1-25frames/s (default: 25)
Communication TCP/IP (10/100Mbps)
I/O Interface Two relay, two RS485 outputs, audio in/out, barrier status input, wiegand in &out
Storage TF Card (default 8G, max support 32G)
Reset Reset device parameters
Working Modes Video trigger
Protection Level IP65
Working Voltage 12V DC
Working¬†Temperature -20¬įC¬†~¬†55¬įC
Working¬†Humidity ‚ȧ¬†90%

Zkteco LPRC100
Zkteco LPRC100

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