Zkteco P10

P10 series is the latest generation of ZKTeco self-developed barrier gate, it adopts high performance DC brush motor and the fastest opening / closing speed is up to 1s. Without spring design and change direction easily are the greats highlight of this barrier, it means, there is no need to adjust spring anymore and easy for stock. It is high performance and high stability and Maintenance free barrier gate and is great choice for parking entrance and exit management.


· Withoutspringdesign,whenchangetheboomlength,noneedadjustspringanymore
· Easy for change direction, the direction of the boom can be changed on site, and convenient for stock
· While closing, boom will return to vertical position when encounters blockage, which will protect the vehicle or person · Splice boom design, easy for transport and reduce the transport cost
· Support open / close speed adjustable
· Support delay automatic closing
· Support DC 24V battery power supply
· Humanized LED is built into the chassis to indicate the switching state

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Zkteco P10


Zkteco P10
Zkteco P10