Zkteco TL800

TL800 | TL800 is designed as a fully automatic smart lock with a built-in indoor monitoring screen. It could unlock and lock the door itself. It is compatible with USmart Go, an application designed for home automation. Users could enjoy remote control and online real-time monitoring when connecting the intelligent lock to the Wi-Fi network. What’s more, the owner could observe the outdoor situation from the OLED screen installed inside the house.



Zkteco TL800


Material Aluminum Alloy and Tempered Glass
IC S50 Card: 50
Fingerprint: 100
Password: 50
Power Supply 4,200mA; lithium battery
Emergency Interface Micro USB 5V
Mortise Type Chinese standard mortise (6068)
MCBF >100,000
Communication Wi-Fi
Static Current <80uA
Working Temperature -25°C to 75°C
Working Humidity 20% RH to 90% RH
Random Password Supports
Doorbell Supports
Application Duplexes, townhouses, apartments, condos, and other residential areas
Door Thickness (mm) 45 to 60 (customizable)
Dimensions (L*W*H)
Outdoor unit: 400*74*23mm
Indoor unit: 400*74*34.8mm

Zkteco TL800
Zkteco TL800

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