Zkteco UHF5 Pro & UHF10

UHF5 Pro and UHF10 Pro are ZKTeco’s third-generation UHF readers, with much stable performance, longer reading distance, and faster recognition speed.

The UHF reader is equipped with the passive UHF card function, which could be widely used in Vehicle Management and Personnel Management applications.
The product also meets the CE, FCC technology requirements.



Zkteco UHF5 Pro & UHF10



  • Support two working modes: Trigger to Read & Always Read (Default)
  • Support different wiegand data output (Wiegand 26 by default)
  • LED at the bottom of readers indicating the reading status(7-color indicators: red, green, blue, yellow, cyan, purple, white)
  • Multiple communication modes, supporting Wiegand and RS485
  • Protection level of IP66


Model UHF5E Pro & UHF5F Pro UHF10E Pro & UHF10F Pro
Reading Distance 2 to 8 meters (Hand held test) (Actual scenario test is around 4m) 10 to 20 meters (Hand-held test) (Actual scenario test is around 8m)
Antenna Gain 9dBi 12dBi
Dimensions (mm) 308.5 * 308.5 * 67.5 445 * 445 * 67.5
Weight 1.8kg 3kg
Power 1.2 – 4.2W 1.2 – 4.5W
Frequency E: 865MHz – 868MHz
F: 902MHz – 906MHz (adjustable)
Communication Interface Wiegand; RS485; USB configuration parameters (Wiegand, RS485 requires one of two options)
Interface Protocol EPC global UHF Class 1 Gen 2 / ISO 18000-6C
Working Mode Read Always (Default) and Read by Trigger
Output Power 19dBm – 30dBm
Protection Level IP66
Working Voltage DC 9-15V
Working Temperature and Humidity -20°C – 65°C; <85%
Storage Temperature and Humidity -20°C – 80°C; <85%
RS485 Communication Optional baud rate (9600, 19200, 38400, 57600, 115200); the default is 115200

Zkteco UHF5 Pro & UHF10
Zkteco UHF5 Pro & UHF10

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