Zkteco VR10

The radar sensor for vehicle detection VR10 is developed to detect and identify various vehicles (motorcycles, cars, trucks), pedestrians, and small (distant) objects within a detection area from 1m to 6m around the boom barrier.

Through linkage with the main board of the barrier, VR10 can help prevent vehicles from smashing the obstacles or damaging any properties or passers-by while allowing automatic boom closing.

Compared to the loop detector, it offers flexible installation. The device is at a lower risk of damage due to high impact too.



Zkteco VR10



  • Support vehicle and people detection
  • Flexible installation; easy debugging
  • Immunity to ambient weather condition
  • Detection distance can be adjusted from 1m – 6m
  • Support RS485 communication, can be upgraded and debugged online
  • Straight boom (default); folding boom, fence boom, and advertising boom (optional)


Model VR10
Detection Distance 1 – 6m
Working Frequency 79GHz
Working Voltage (V) DC 10 – 16V
Working Current 0.2A
Power Consumption (W) ≤2.5
Transmitter Power Output 12.5dBm
Antenna Gain 10dBi
Interface RS485, Relay
Product Size (mm) 107.5 * 73.2 * 18
Package Dimensions (mm) 166 * 94 * 97
Net Weight 228.4g
Working Temperature (°C) -40°C ~ 85°C
Protection Standard IP67

Zkteco VR10
Zkteco VR10

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