Zkteco ZKBioSecurity Online Hospitality

ZKBioSecurity Online Hospitality is designed to bring security and efficiency which have always been critical to hotel industry. To satisfy the needs of this particular group of users, ZKTeco, besides providing high quality wireless door lock system, has been striving to improve the overall performance of their hotel door lock solution. ZKTeco has released and will further develop this customized version of ZKBioSecurity as an integrated and complete solution for hotel industry



Zkteco ZKBioSecurity Online Hospitality

Software Specifications
Customized Version Online Hospitality
System Architecture Server/Browser
Door Capacity From 25 to unlimited doors (customization upon request)
User Capacity 30,000
Database PostgreSQL (Default),MS SQL Server &Oracle (Optional)
Supported OS Windows 7/8/8.1/10 Server 2008/2012
Minimum PC Requirements
Suggested Browsers IE 11+/Firefox 27+/Chrome 33+
Dual core processor with
speeds of 2.4GHz or more
Memory 4GB or above
Storage 30GB free space or more. (NTFS Recommended)
Monitor Resolution 1,024 x 768 or above

Zkteco ZKBioSecurity
Zkteco ZKBioSecurity

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