App sms wireless gsm home security alarm system

  • Packing Include :-
  • Main Panel (M3GB) x 1
  • Remote Control x 2
  • Motion Detector x 2
  • Door/Window Detector x 4
  • Wired Siren x 1
  • Wireless Strobe Siren-S2 x 1
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App sms wireless gsm Home security alarm system in Bangladesh

Trimatrik  has an available security alarm system of different brands with the best market price for the Dealer or retail customers. Trimatrik  is a Bangladesh-based supplier security alarm system/ Wireless Burglar Alarm  Any Model  Price in Bangladesh. The company offers a variety of goods, such as access control systems, Surveillance cameras, and EAS Security Alarm System IP Cameras. Trimatrik has been in business Since 2009 and has a reputation for quality products and excellent customer service. You can buy from our head office (Dhaka, Uttara). We have dedicated Technical engineers to assist all over Bangladesh. The best pricing can be guaranteed for complete setup and post-purchase assistance. To know more details visit our website please Contact us at our Facebook Page or 0185-3330338, 0185-3330344

Reasons to Choose Our Alarm System:

1,We are a professional security company, we cooperate with big factory.It is more stable and quality products.We don’t sell inferior products.
2,This screen and keyboard more clearly, The original factory supply,Refused to copy.Square voice siren is the original big factory.Circular voice siren is pirated small factory.For your safety.Please stay away from piracy.
3,The remote control of the APP.Telephone, SMS, remote control, and the APP,More convenient choice.Security say goodbye to the distance.
4,New motherboard.Quad-Band GSM Module,Refused to low-quality old module.

How to choose and use an alarm system
1. Now there are so many kinds of home alarm system products in the market that you may not know how to choose the most suitable. Here we have some suggestions about how to choose and use an alarm system for you.
2. Knowing whether you need a wired system or a wireless one. Normally we recommend wireless system because it is much easier for you to install.
3. Knowing a complete alarm system not only includes the common burglar alarm, but also includes fire alarm(smoke alarm), panic alarm, and environmental Alarm.
4. Count the number of doors and windows of your house which a burglar may access. Your alarm system should cover all the entrances in your house.
5. If you are pet owner, we recommend you to use pet friendly PIR motion sensor to immunity your pet. Because pet can even trigger a false alarm.
6. Decide if you need Smoke sensor, Gas sensor, Wireless Flash Siren to beef up your alarm system.
7. Find a proper place to install the alarm panel.
8. If you have problem of installation after reading user manual, it is better to ask for help rather than a faulty installation.
9. The first step in eliminating false alarms is to find out what is causing them(the cause for it), such as faulty installation, loose door/window contacts, low batteries or some other equipment issues.
10. Whether you are leaving your house for a few short minutes, working from home during the day or vacationing on the other side of the world, your alarm system should be armed and ready to alert you at all times.

Home security alarm system app sms wireless gsm in Bangladesh
Home security alarm system app sms wireless gsm in Bangladesh

Home security alarm system/app sms wireless gsm Specifications:

* All necessary batteries and AC adapter is included.
* Free Security Sticker (2 pcs adhesive side at front / 2 pcs adhesive side at back)

Introduction (M3GB Main Panel):-

Ultra thin : (16mm) out shell with touch keypad for easy operation;
Work with a GSM sim card: Insert a standard GSM SIM card before use (either 2G or 3G sim card)
LCD screen :128×32 lattice LCD screen with different languages display;
10 wireless defense zones: each zone supports up to 10 sensors;
Remote Control : Maxium 9 Remote Control;
10-second voice message: record for playing to the person who pick up calling from the alarm system.
Alarm phone number : Up to 6 phone numbers can be input for receiving alarming calling.
SMS alert : Up to 3 mobile phone number can be input for receving SMS alarming alert;
Timely : Timely arm and disarm;
Use as a telpphone : Can be used as a handfree telephone for dialing out (must have activated sim card).
Vocie prompt: Voice prompt for operation on Main Panel;
Arm/Disarm by different method : Remote Control, on Main Panel, Dialing to the system or sending SMS to the system, App operate in smartphone;
Easy to add additional accessories : Easy to add compatible wireless detectors (wireless learning code);
Alarm record inquiry for 30 records;
Different arm mode : Away Arm, Home Arm, Delay Arm, Emergency Arm;
Priority arm calling: Even the line is busy, system will dial out proirity when alarming.
Build-in rechargeable battery (automatically recharge). For short term backup only.
App operate in Smartphone : Free Apps available for download in iPhone or Andriod phone. Simple using App to send SMS for making Away Arm, Disarm, Get record.
App : M3GB (you can try download in App Store or Play Store to your smartphone. It is free.).

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