Panasonic KX HTS824 Advanced Hybrid IP-PBX

৳ 40,500.00

All in One Smart Business Package

With numerous SOHO businesses and entrepreneurships on the rise, it is important to provide an all-rounded solution that can serve the needs of this segment.

The KX-HTS824 is the solution to SOHO businesses, delivering an all new communication system that fits the requirements of mobility and affordability. Regardless of whether you have employees that work in various remote locations, or you have requirements of low initial investment costs – the KX-HTS824 can easily fit into your business.

At the heart of SOHO Business Communications

The KX-HTS824 is an advanced Hybrid IP-PBX for SOHO businesses. It has a capacity for up to 24 extensions to exactly meet the scale of SOHO businesses. Priced affordably; while possessing all the necessary standard functions as built-in, the KX-HTS824 is a SIP trunk ready system, with no external devices required to be purchased for IP usage.



Panasonic KX HTS824 Bangladesh

System Capacity

Maximum Trunks

The KX-HTS824 supports the following number of trunks.

Type KX-HTS824
Preinstalled Maximum
Total Number of Trunks 8 (6 if G.729a) 8 (6 if G.729a)
6 (G.711)
4 (G.729a)
6 (G.711)
4 (G.729a)
Analogue 4 8

Maximum Terminal Equipment

The following shows the number of each terminal equipment type supported by the KX-HTS824.

Type KX-HTS824
Preinstalled Maximum
Extensions 24 24
SIP 24 24
Analogue 8 24
DISA (ch) 4* 4*
Built-in VM (ch) 4* 4*
Doorphone (Analogue) 2
Door Opener (Analogue) 0 2

* The DISA and VM has a total capacity of 4 channels.