VIRDI-SR-100FP Access Control Time & Attendance

VIRDI-SR-100FP Bangladesh

Utilising patented technologies ViRDI is one of
the most popular and secure Biometric terminals
●Highest Ranked Algorithm (FVC Ongoing)
● Patented Live & Fake Fingerprint Detection
● Patented Fingerprint Sensors
● Patented Communication Protocol


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VIRDI-SR-100FP Bangladesh

The SR-100FP is an integrated biometric and card reader slave terminal for the AC2100 and
AC2100H series biometric terminals . It utilises the on-board intelligence of the terminal it is
connected to and contains no internal relays. Best suited for installations where low traffic
volumes are the norm and budgets do not allow for dual terminals on a single access point.
Not for use with Turnstiles or Boom Gate systems
● ViRDI patented Fingerprint Module with Live & Fake Fingerprint Detection
● 125KHz or 13.56MHz card reader
● LED Confirmation of Transaction
● Sound Confirmation of Transaction
● RS 485 Secure Communication with the ViRDI terminal
● 5 VDC from ViRDI Terminal
● Local Anti-Passback
● Displays as an “OUT” transaction in UNIS
● ACC260: S/S Vertical Robust Enclosure