ZKteco TDM95E

TDM95E is an indoor USB Module used for Temperature Detection, applicable to both T&A and A&C devices of ZKTeco.


· USB Communication
· Temperature Measurement Distance: 3cm to 5cm
· Temperature Measurement Range: 32.0°C to 42.9°C or 89.6°F to 109.22°F Deviation: ±0.3°C or ±0.54°F

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ZKteco TDM95E

CommunicationUSB 1.1
Temperature Detection Distance3 – 5cm
Temperature Unit°C or °F
Temperature Measurement Range32.0°C – 42.9°C / 89.6°F – 109.22°F
Temperature Measurement Deviation±0.3°C / ±0.54°F
Digital Display Tube4
Operating Voltage5V
Operating Temperature15°C – 35°C / 59°F – 95°F
Operating Humidity10% – 85%
Dimensions88 * 88 * 54.63 (mm)
Weight of the Device0.17kg
Weight of the Device with Packaging0.29kg
ZKteco TDM95E
ZKteco TDM95E